Gourmet Guru Grill

I can’t think of anything I’d rather do on a nice day than fire up my outdoor cooker…I mean smoker…I mean outdoor oven…in other words my ceramic grill. Aside from feeding my family delicious and skillfully prepared food, it is a great way for me to unwind and enjoy cooking in my own way. The cooking flexibility of a ceramic grill makes it the best grill for being able to cook a wide variety of items. Because of the high grade, advanced ceramic materials the Gourmet Guru Grill uses in it’s construction, the ease of use, and the affordable price, I believe it is second to none. I hope you will put your ceramic grill to good use with these must try recipes.


Steaks are simple. Pre-heat your grill between 600-700 degrees F to get a nice sear. Place steaks directly above the fire, close the top and cook on each side for about 3 minutes and enjoy perfectly juicy medium rare steaks.


Cooking burgers at 400 degrees F, will reward you with a delicious burger with a nice smokey flavor. Create patties with your favorite ingredients (mine include Worcestershire Sauce, diced onion, and some secret spices), making sure to make a thumbprint dent about the size of a quarter in the center of your patty to keep your burger nice and flat. Place burgers on grill, close and cook for about 4 minutes, flip the burgers and cook and additional 4 minutes. Remove from grill and let rest under tin foil for about 5 minutes or so before serving.


In the mood for smoked chicken? The Gourmet Guru Grill is the best smoker for chicken! Here’s a link to Brother Jim’s Famous Gourmet Smoked Chicken. It’s fabulous!


Want to try something that will make you look like you are a gourmet chef, but is simple and nutritious? Try this recipe for Salmon and Asparagus, and impress your family!


Preheat your ceramic grill to 400 degrees F. After briefly soaking fresh ears of un-shucked corn in water, roast whole for 15-20 minutes. This is a simple and delicious way to enjoy local grown corn.


Have you always wanted to try grilled pizza? Here’s your chance. While your grill is starting to pre-heat, you will need to gather your Guru Ceramic Plate Setter, made with advanced ceramic materials, and a good quality pizza stone. Place these into your ceramic grill, and allow them to heat until 375-400 degrees F for at least 20 minutes or so. Place your favorite homemade or store bought 12” pizza onto your preheated pizza stone that has been sprinkled with a small amount of cornmeal, and bake for about 7 minutes. Turn your pizza about a quarter turn and cook an additional 7 minutes. Enjoy!


Mmmm…ribs. Need I say more? Jack’s Baby Back Ribs


Side dishes are also easy and delicious on a ceramic grill. Because these grills are made with high grade ceramic materials, the heat generated is not wasted and cooks things evenly and efficiently. You will be using your ceramic plate setter to utilize indirect heat, and will need to heat your grill to about 300 degrees F. Using your favorite baked bean recipe in a dutch oven, cook for about an hour or until the beans are thick and richly flavored. Remove beans from grill and let rest for 15 minutes before serving.


Smoking a brisket takes some planning, but is easy with a kamado-style cooker. Try this recipe for Smoked Brisket for your next family gathering…you won’t be disappointed.


The thing with cobbler is it is pretty forgiving, so it would be a great starting point for experimenting with desserts on your Gourmet Guru Grill. You will be using indirect heat in between 350 – 400 degrees F, and a cast-iron skillet. You really could make it with your favorite fruit, but here is a link to Peach and Blueberry Grilled Skillet Cobbler. It has instructions for using other fruit, so let your imagination run wild!

There are vast collections of ceramic grill recipes out there. Don’t limit yourself…step out of your comfort zone, do some research, and try something new, try the best kamado-styler cooker there is! You’d be surprised at the wonderful dishes you can create if you just give it a try!