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Which do you select first, kitchen counter or backsplash? How do you coordinate colors? Is it OK to mix patterns?

The seemingly unlimited countertop and backsplash choices can feel overwhelming.

Here are some helpful tips:

Another cost-effective approach is to run your countertop 4 to 6 inches up the wall as a short splash. It will give you a nice finished edge where the countertop meets the wall, and it will also provide protection to the part of the wall most likely to get wet or dirty.

Some homeowners just have a difficult time visualizing their finished kitchen, which is why material selection can prove so challenging. And all too often you are asked to make too many decisions in too short a time period. If you know you are prone to analysis paralysis, do yourself a favor and give yourself enough time to weigh your options, but with a firm deadline to make the decision. Our Shreveport Store is always open to help you with these decisions.

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