Gourmet Guru Grills


If you love cooking outdoors, the Gourmet Guru Grill is the tool you’re looking for. Create tasty, tantalizing meals with the flip of a lid. You don’t just get a grill – you get a grill that satisfies.

So what’s in this grill?

Our ceramic fire box distributes heat evenly so that you can grill your burgers, chicken, or steaks without losing flavor. Use the flow draft door to control airflow and retain the right amount of heat for cooking. The Gourmet Guru Grill is also equipped with convenient handles that make transporting or moving it easy.

Other features include: cast iron adjustable vent top, large reading screen stainless thermometer, hinge metal bands with ergonomic wood handles, 17″ round stainless grill mesh, ceramic damper top, ceramic fire ring, and ceramic fire top.


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