Which mosaic tile backsplash should you pick?

With thousands of beautiful wholesale tiles to choose from, deciding on your Kitchen and Bathroom backsplash is a big task. It should also be an exciting one. Add some personality to your kitchen or bathroom with backsplash tile. Besides being pleasing to look at, this type of wholesale tile has a number of practical benefits.

So you’ve chosen granite countertops for their beauty and durability, but now you’re stumped about what to use for your backsplash. Granite is a tricky one. There are so many different color and pattern choices. Some are very busy, while others are subtle. Some are dark; others are light. Some have large swooping vein patterns, while others are dotty or splattered.

Each slab is unique, so it’s not possible to make sweeping generalities about what works with every piece of granite. The same granite, all the way up. When considering this, look at the whole slab and choose the part you want to highlight. There may be a distinct part of the pattern you’ll enjoy seeing on the wall.

Glass tile

The gloss of glass tile complements many granites. Consider a neutral tone that’s a close match for the main color field in the granite.

A simple tile with eclectic accents. Plain subway tile might have been too plain here, but the dotting in the eclectic tile pattern plucked from the range mosaic adds a playful touch.

If you’re looking at a palette that has a lively granite pattern but feel like the color blocks of simple white or cream tile and miles of cabinets needs breaking up, consider livening things up over the range.

When choosing your accent tiles, you’ll have a few places to pick up the right hues. Look to the range of colors in your granite pattern to find the right darker tones. Look to your cabinet color as well. Tie the cabinets to the countertops with these accent tiles.

Glass Mosaic tile

This one is tricky; you’ve really got to find the right combination of granite and tile here, or it can come off as too busy. Glass mosaic tile works best with a granite with a large-scale pattern (one that has big veins and less contrast between the colors in it). Another important factor is that the backsplash real estate is relatively small — wedged just between the upper and lower cabinets, the backsplash has just the right amount of space to make a statement.

The tiny tiles accentuate the green tones of the granite, while the iridescent finish of the glass tiles adds a dynamic touch that draws attention to it.

Traditional Subway Tile

While in some kitchens, I pointed out eclectic touches added to the subway tile, this kitchen is different. It is in a historic shingle-style house built in the 1890s, and the intention of this renovation was to respect the home’s historic style.

Now that you have read some designers’ ideas, you can start to play with the color, size, shape, scale, material, finish and pattern of your backsplash-counter combination until you get it right. Remember to pay attention to the colors and materials of the cabinets and walls too.